Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company 

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The process of hiring a commercial janitorial company does not have to be stressful. It would be smooth sailing if business owners do their research and know the correct questions to ask. Most of us know a person that’s been ripped off after employing a janitor that promised them all they needed and more. Thus, you do not have to make the same error. After narrowing the choices down and researching, before choosing the best service for the task, you can ask these 3 easy questions. 

Cleaning Company

Are You Insured and Licensed? 

Every state has various regulations and rules for commercial businesses to operate. Of course, cleaning companies are included in those businesses. Be sure that the company is following the particular regulations by confirming they have the right licensing and documentation in the state. This is for you to avoid trouble down the road. To protect your property from damages on the rare occasion an accident happens, general liability insurance is required. A commercial janitorial services must have at least 1 million dollar general liability insurance. This should be added to an umbrella policy. This policy carries coverage of up to 5 million dollars. 

What Kinds of Customers do you Have? 

This question enables you to know more about what they do for other firms and could identify if the janitorial services could offer you with the cleaning services you require for your office. You need to ensure that the workers are trained in a variety of various cleaning techniques so they could meet your certain needs, and maybe exceed your expectations. Knowing if the janitorial company is able to serve other companies like yours could be really beneficial to ask before hiring them. This is because you could hire with the peace of mind that they have done the job that you are looking for today. 

What Services do you Offer? 

If you ask them this question, you might assume that the right answer to this question is that they clean everything. Well, you are very wrong. That is an answer that’s considered as a red flag. Companies saying everything is too vague and should come as a warning. You want to professional janitor you are looking to employ is going to provide you the exact list of what they could offer you with and how they’re planning on getting done the work. Do not let one of your potential cleaner provide you answers that are vague without any specifics. This is because the possibilities are they aren’t invested enough in actually giving the janitorial services you’re paying them to do.  

One of the best thing a company owner or a manager could do is to keep their office clean, especially when there are clients to impress, meetings to attend, and deals to close. This reason is convincing enough to hire a professional janitorial service to clean and sanitize your workplace, be it synagogue, church, condominium, school campus, medical facility, and office building.  

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